Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anna's first illness

I took Anna for her 6 month checkup last Wednesday.  She's 16 lbs 7 oz and 27 1/4 inches long -- she's already grown 8 inches since she was born!  Crazy.  She got all her shots, so I expected her to be fussy the next day.  We went to Moody Gardens Palm Beach Thursday, and Anna didn't last long so we weren't there more than a couple hours.  The fussiness continued through the weekend and by Sunday night she was not happy.  She woke up screaming, which she never does.  I called the doctor first thing Monday morning (she had a nasty green runny nose, watery eyes, fever, sneezing) and we went to the pediatrician, who said she's got a respiratory infection.  A little fluid in her left ear but it's not an ear infection, just very likely from all the runny nose and watery eyes she's got.  She is on Amoxycillin to get rid of the respiratory infection and to make sure it doesn't turn into a full fledged ear infection.  (A side note, by this age, Emily had already had 2 ear infections, so we're hoping that Anna doesn't have that same problem).  The doctor said to watch her watery eyes to make sure they don't start to crust and turn into pink eye.  She seems to be a little better today so hopefully she'll be 100 % soon.  Emily decided at the doctors office that she wanted to talk as loud as she could every time the doctor tried to tell me something, which was extremely frustrating.  The nurse finally had to come into the room and take Emily out so I could finish talking to the doctor about Anna.  Needless to say, it will be nice when we can get out of the house once she's feeling better.  Emily is going stir crazy!

Emily is doing very well with the potty training.  She has a few accidents but for the most part, she's embracing her potty.  All of our bribing doesn't hurt either.  It's nice to only have one in diapers.

Anna is sitting up (propped on her hands) and she's able to pull herself across the floor.  She'll be crawling soon.  She's now eating oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and bananas.  Next is avocado.

The girls really love each other.  Anna is getting into all of Emily's toys now, which is interesting.  Emily likes to play with her (most of the time).  Emily looks for Anna first thing in the morning and always has to make sure she knows where Anna is.  Lots of hugs and kisses.

We just finished a really nice visit with my brother and his family.  They look great and are so fun (and funny) to be around.  His kids are growing up so fast!  It seems like they just got married and that was already 14 years ago.

Next up for us is a family vacation to Florida.  This year we are going to Destin.  I've never been, but we are really looking forward to taking the girls and getting out of Texas for a week. 

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